Espacio Rojo is a non-profit association founded in 2004 in Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain.

We understand art as a fundamental right, essential for the integral and kind development of the human being; we believe in its infinite potential.

We promote spaces for reflection, experimentation and meeting between people related to the cultural field and our community, we promote projects that foster interculturality, integration, social awareness and gender equity.


Many people have asked us about the origin of our name:

“Space” makes us think of an imaginary place where dreams can come true. As for “Red”, we know that emotions such as anger or pain are often attributed to it, especially because of the influence of fairy tales or movies.

However, for us, this color represents the opposite: fun, joy, commitment and hope.

We love the strength and simplicity of this word,

Our inspiration comes from many artists who share our vision.

Dots by Norman McLaren
Norman McLaren's work always provokes smiles when we screen it in our off-camera film workshops. It fits perfectly with our concept of art, as Jean Cocteau said: "Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper".


Alberto Vázquez - Espacio Rojo

Alberto Vázquez

Head of the Artistic Department, Financing and Project Coordinator

Carina Moreira -Espacio Rojo

Carina Moreira

Art and health coordination, mediation and cultural management

María del Pilar Peña

Mª del Pilar Peña

Head of the management and administration area

Raquel Vázquez

Raquel Vázquez

Advice on management, social intervention and gender perspective

Marta Serran Grauvilardell - Área de Comunicación - Espacio Rojo

Marta Serran Grauvilardell

Head of Communication Department



We work together with other national and international organizations to enrich expertise and address shared challenges.


We seek creative ways to address current challenges to achieve a positive and sustainable impact.


We value and respect the diversity of people and communities.

Ecological and Social Commitment

We promote actions that activate awareness and responsibility regarding environmental issues and human well-being.